Dr.Paa Bobo to be buried on April, 5

The final funeral rite of legendary hi-life musician, Dr. Paa Bobo has been scheduled for April, 5 this year, at Akyem-Maase in the Eastern Region.

The compromise was reached during the one week celebration of the veteran musician over the weekend at Maase.

The funeral, according to the family will start on April 4 and end on April 6, with the grand funeral and burial taking place on April, 5.

The date was reached at a meeting with the family of the deceased led by Barima Gyansi Koree, chief of Akyem-Anhwinease, the matrilineal home of the ace musician and representatives of several musician bodies including Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Veteran Musicians Association of Ghana (VEMAG) and the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMBRO). Other representatives the Association of Music Right Owners (AMRO), Professional Musicians Union Association of Ghana (PROMAG), Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI), Easyway Music Productions and Music Council of Ghana participated in the meeting.

Scores of Ghanaians and fanatics of the late musician travelled from different parts of the country to mourn with the family of the late musician.

Veteran hi-life musicians, Paa Solo, Sammy Cooper and Paa Bobo’s mentor Abirekyireba Kofi Sammy among a host of musicians, set the funeral grounds of Akyem-Maase agog.

Although it was a day to mourn with family and friends, all who gathered had no option but to dance to the sounds of live band music.

Madam Janet Akua Nyanta, the widow and their three kids shed tears while family members and friends consoled them.

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